Director Roel Reiné presents: A streaming broadcasting TV channel with exclusive Independent Action Movies, behind the scenes documentaries and "Actionflix Originals" series. Streaming all over the world on your computer, phone, tablet, laptop, and TV. A place where any one, and every one can distribute their own movies and keep the $$ profits. Special edition movies only to be found on Actionflix: Documentaries about producing and shooting indy Movies. You can produce an 'Actionflix Original' yourself and own it and distribute it with us. As a start director Roel Reiné has put 6 of his own low budget independent feature films on this channel including his award winning debut movie 'The Delivery'. Also Roel is hosting the new original series 'Movie Creators', where he has conversations with crew members about their work on movie productions.

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"MOVIE CREATORS" and "DIRECTORS ON SET" - are original TV Series made exclusively for Actionflix

Roel Reiné

Roel Reiné

Feature Film Director

Having your own private Netflix is awesome, sharing my movies and work is great. But I would love to ad movies and doc's from other filmmakers to build a platform for all.
Trevor Morris

Trevor Morris

Film and Television Composer

“Action flix is a great idea from one of the great director minds of the Genre. Roel Reine and I have learned, experienced and hopefully excelled at the genre together, and getting a chance to chat about it on camera was just plain fun"
Dickey Beer

Dickey Beer

Stunt Coordinator

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